What to Expect

A typical Sunday will flow as follows:

From 10-10:45 is our time of Bible study.  This is the “Sunday School” time together.  The first 10 minutes is learning and review of newly learned hymns.  Then our  pastors teach us.  We don’t break up into different age groups, but rather listen as families.  In recent years, we have had teaching series on such things as: the family, the London Baptist Confession of Faith, the attributes of God, our church covenant and other such things.  Our pastors keep in mind that they are teaching the young, and often address them specifically.

Then at 11am, we begin the singing of hymns, followed by an opportunity to give of our material increase.  Then we listen as our pastors preach from God’s Holy Word.  Their sermons typically last about 45-55 minutes.

We then go to our fellowship hall and eat a light lunch together.  Families bring their own meals, and always have extra to share with visitors.

At 1:30 we join again for our “evening” service.  Here we will sing some more hymns, and then hear a bit shorter sermon before finishing about 2:30.

Often our families will stay around another couple hours to spend time together.