The church is made up of God’s people, not physical buildings.  As we fellowship as a faith family, we do meet in a central location, but we also meet in each others homes, enjoy activities together and look forward to our corporate gatherings.  We place an importance on these scheduled gatherings, as we anticipate meeting with God in our worship of Him.

We will sing hymns and scriptures songs.  We will pray.  We will give tithes and offerings.  And most importantly, we will open the Word of God and hear it preached to us in simple, expositional ways.  Our pastors seek to lift up God in rich theological preaching, which motivates us to embrace the real and practical application of God’s ways in our lives.  We expect the messages to be applied to life, to meet our lives.  Adding to this, we pray for the Holy Spirit of God to fill us to preach and fill us to listen.

We meet at the following times:

Sunday 10am, Family Sunday School

Sunday 11am, Worship Service

Sunday 1:30pm, Worship Service (except 3rd Sunday)

Wednesday 7:30pm, Corporate Prayer and Praise, followed by Biblical instruction.

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