About Us

So, why Faith Baptist?  There are so many churches these days, and multiple Baptist churches in our area as well.  What makes Faith Baptist Tabernacle different then the rest?  What are some of the truths that bind us together as a faith family?

  • We are firstly a group of sinners saved by the free grace of God!
  • We are committed to live our lives in submission to the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  God is sovereign over all things, and we gladly bow to him with our lives and service!
  • We are committed to the Biblical gospel and its proclamation.  We also seek to live under its life changing effect.
  • We are committed to the pursuit of holiness in practical living, while resting firmly in the positional righteousness that is ours in Jesus Christ.
  • We are committed to the spread of the gospel through personal evangelism, church activities, and support of missionaries.
  • We are committed to the importance of the family, encouraging all family members to live out their God ordained roles.
  • We are committed to the preeminence of Biblical preaching in our services, trusting that the best tool for growth is God’s Holy Spirit applying His Holy Word.
  • We are committed to God honoring musical expressions of truth and worship.  Some call us traditional, we simply want to worship in reverence.
  • We are committed to equipping God’s people to live in accordance with God’s Word.
  • We are committed to living out the love of God in us by loving one another in community.
  • We are committed to seeking the glory of God in all things, because it’s all about Him!

We would love to have you come and visit us!  For directions, click here.  For more information about the doctrinal position of the church, check out “What We Believe.”  For any other questions, please click here to reach one of our pastors.